• Acces to all 4 training sessions a week
  • Free drinks after Water training
  • Experienced coaching
  • Member card for discount at Partner Bar
  • Access to Team Social Events


  • 2 Water Trainings + 1 Land Training
  • Free drinks after Water training
  • Experienced coaching


The adrenaline sensation during Dragon Boat races is a unique experience, but to get in a racing boat, you need to prove that you worked for it.


We train 3 times a week and we expect each one of our members to work hard together. Dragon Boat is a team sport where you win only if you are strong together


It does not matter from where you start, we train to get better as a team, we push each other to pass our limits. Focus on improvement is the key to success.


Being fit is not a strict requirement, but Dragon Boat is a sport that requires a good fitness level. We are constantly training to improve and as long as you are willing to challenge yourself, sweat and work for it, you have nothing to fear.

Dragon Boat is a water sport with origins in China more than 2000 years ago. A dragon boat team consists of 22 paddlers (or 12 in small boats).

The team of paddlers works together to move the boat forward towards the finish line in the fastest time. The Armada has a competitive men, women and mixed crew.

We train 4 times a week. 2 times in the actual dragon boat, 1 Land Training (bootcamp), and 1 Weight/Pool Training. See more details in the training page where you can also find the location and times.

Yes, definitely. We suggest you try before joining us. You can decide to try for 3 times with 25$ trial package and see if it is what you are looking for.

Do you want to try Dragon Boat before joining?

Join our newbies session to learn the basics and see if is a match!